Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sibling Fun

Who are these crazy kids?  Over the weekend, I wanted to get the kids out of the house.  We decided to go to the Butterfly Pavillion.  Kids love bugs, of course.  There is a greenhouse full of butterflies.  This museum is small enough for a nice visit and an exit before being overwhelmed.  Benny did very well throughout the visit.

Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking, and I got the kids lunch before we drove back.  I had two car sick kids that we throwing up the whole way back.

Oh well, I've said it before, and I will say it again, I don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Days Off Blessings!

I'm enjoying some well deserved days off.  As you know, my latest work assignment has been very challenging.  I decided now would be a good time to take some days off.  I was off yesterday, today, and most of tomorrow.  I got to see Lydie's school musical, Guys and Dolls.  I'm so amazed at how well middle school kids did with this play.  This is a very talented bunch, including Lydie, if I do say so myself.

The bummer of the days off is Ben has been dealing with some discipline issues at preschool.  It started when he changed classes.  He got a new teacher.  There's been a big personality clash with the new teacher, class, and other kids.  We've been called several times about tantrums, hitting, kicking.  I met the hubs up at the school yesterday, and was completely blown away by the hubs method of discipline.  It was almost like coddling.  I was furious.  I told the hubs to leave, and then, I got to work.  I told Ben to get back to his class.  He refused.  I gave him a time out.  He started crying.  I told him, go to the bathroom, get yourself together, wash your hands, and go eat your lunch.  I then told him to get on his mat and take his nap.  He did and then I left.

You're more than welcome to agree/disagree with me.  I don't practice negotiations with my child.  This is what the hubs and the school are doing.  Well, by the end of the day, he was suspended for scratching kids, so he has been home with me on my days off.  Good thing I had those days off scheduled. I heard the hubs call him a bad boy.  I said, "Don't you call him a bad boy!  He's not a bad boy, but if you call him that, he will live up to it."  When it comes to my son, the claws come out.   Fortunately, he will be back in his old classroom Monday.  This should help the conflicts he is having.  If not, we have requested to a different preschool location.  We're going to have to figure out what's best for him.  If that means he needs to go back to private home daycare, that's what I'll do.

I was so upset when all this happened.  After all, this is my baby.  Who can't handle a three year old?  It's ridiculous.  Then, I decided to take this time to spend some time with him, and just fight this with love.  That's all I can do.  We had so much fun today.  We went to get his haircut and he did awesome.  We went to Sam's and got laundry detergent, and he did awesome!  He had two time-outs.  After his three minutes of time out, he was fine.  Yes, his discipline is that easy.

Although, my days off didn't quite go as planned, I'm truly blessed to be a mother, and to have this time off with my children.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


This girl is Team U.S.A. all the way.  I've haven't written or read any blogs in the last 2 weeks, because work has been very challenging.  I went from working for the best doctor in the whole wide world to working for a practice where they say, "I need a red shirt!" or "Hey, redcoat!"  This girl has a name, you should learn it.  Redcoats to me sounds like I am a traitor, and I am not.  In protest, I and my two coworkers stopped wearing our red scrub top and started wearing office attire.

Other things are going on here where I don't feel respected.  It's just bugging me really badly.  For instance, the office their monthly meeting with a potluck.  They did not offer us ANYTHING!  Can you believe that?  My previous doctor bought us lunch twice a week.  This office didn't even ask if we wanted to participate.  I would have brought something.  I'm not a moocher.

So friends, you can see my frustration.  I have another 3-4 weeks here, and I cannot get out of here fast enough.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Surprise Trip!

How much does a shower like this set a person back?
I'm travelling out of town for work, again.  Well, it was a little unexpected.  I was supposed to be working this weekend, but at the hospital close to my home.  The boss sends me an email saying that we need to go to the hospital down south in Colorado Springs.  Oh, shoot!!  I called my usual hotel, and they were booked. Crap!  I called another hotel on our approved direct bill list.  I got a hotel room downtown.  Wow!  This thing is swanky!  It has valet parking.  This guy came out to my car and helped me bring my stuff up.  Then, I got to the room and there is this huge walk-in shower.  You can only see the door, but you walk in and take a left.  There are two shower heads.  It's probably about 6 feet long.  I've never seen anything like it.

Housekeeping came by and asked if I wanted turn-down service.  I didn't know what that was, so I said "No thank you."  Don't judge.  I come from extremely humble beginnings.  No clue what that is.  Okay, so someone comes in and turns down my bed and leaves me mints.  Who knew?

We converted over 7,000 appointments today to the new system for this huge practice going live on Tuesday.  The weather was really crummy, and I'm glad I reserved a hotel room for the night.  I found out there was a 104 car pile-up in Denver, which I would drive through on my way back if I would have come back today.  

I came back to the hotel and crashed a bar mitzvah.  I'm Mexican.  I could be confused with a nice Jewish girl, maybe.  I got myself a little drinky poo.  I sat there around a bunch of people, and they never asked who I was.  They probably don't care either.  The more the merrier.  My hubs is never going to believe it, because I'm the most anti-social person ever.

I came back to my room, and since the weather is so crappy, I decided to get some room service.  I got some chips and salsa and some soup.  Yummy!!  Now, I'm laying in bed and trying not to get salsa on my bedding or pajamas.  It was a nice attempt, but salsa washes out.  I'm watching some Netflix on Kindle.  Life is good, but this swank isn't me, so I will be happy to be at my usual hotel next time.  In the mean time, this bed sure is comfortable and this salsa is so good.  Cheers!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's My Birthday!

Wow!  The reflective fabric is effective!
Happy Birthday to me!  I am 36 and fabulous.  Hubby says, "I have no idea what to get you, because you buy what you want."  I gave him a list, so he got this nifty backpack for my work laptop.  The reflective material is not this white.  It just caught the light of the camera flash.  Anyway, my rolling laptop was a little worn out from traveling and constant use.  This backpack will be nice to use.

The office is having a party later, so we'll see what my cake looks like.  Of course, it's snowing, so no outdoor fun.  Is it spring yet?

Hope everyone else has a great day!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Nancy, the Cat

Ah!  It's the good life for Nancy.  She's just loving life in a forever home.  Her favorite places, sleeping on my bed while I'm doing school work, sitting on Lydie, and sleeping on the hubs lap while he sleeps ...er watches TV.

Over the last few days, she has had some gunk in her right eye.  You can see it in the picture.  It's that little black spot by her nose.  I took her to the vet today for her checkup.  She does not have any scratches in her eye.  It looks like conjunctivitis, so we have some drops for her.  We'll get it all cleared up, and she be doing much better.

I had a four day weekend, and I go back to work tomorrow.  I have tons of paid time off, but with this new job, I haven't taken any time off.  I didn't do much, just some grocery shopping, and bought a new rice cooker.  I've been doing a lot of school work.

Well, I better get back to that school work.  I'll let you know how Nancy's eye treatment goes.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I'm Not Just the Computer Girl...

I'm not just the computer girl.  I have many talents, as you know.  Some of the ladies in the office learned to knit a little before I got assigned here.  They have been knitting the pretty scarfs that are made with novelty yarn.  It looks like ruffles.  You know what I'm talking about.  Anyway, the person that usually helps them with bind-offs was out, so I offered my assistance.  See, I can help you with electronic medical charting AND bind-offs.  It takes a lot to be this awesome!

These last few days I have felt so lazy.  Is it spring yet?  I think that's part of my problem.  I haven't done any knitting, just the obligatory amount of cooking and cleaning.  I should be doing homework right now.  I'm just not feeling up to doing anything.

Hopefully, in the next few days, I will get my act in gear.  I will actually have some productive pictures to post.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

The Clinic Mascot on Friday

It's Super Bowl Sunday!  I will admit, I'm not a football fan.  I live in Colorado, so I'll be a when-in-Rome type of girl.  Today, the hubby is going to hang out with his friends at the VFW.  I will be home hanging out with the kids.  The question is, will I watch the Super Bowl?  I am a huge opera fan, so Renee Fleming singing the National Anthem is AWESOME!  I will watch that much, but the rest, maybe not.  Okay, the fellow Coloradans are going to take away my state residency.  On a positive note, we've had some great parties at work to show our support.  Oreo cake balls....yummmm!

Nancy, the kitty, is adjusting to life in our house very well.  She would like nothing more than a lap to sit in.  She likes to make biscuits, ouch!  She acts like a domestic cat, so I don't imagine she had been a stray for long.  Did I mention when she was taken to the Human Society, she was already fixed?  She came into our house litter boxed trained.  I had forgotten how much you need to guard your food with a cat around.  Otherwise, she's been really good, and I'm glad we made the right decision when we picked her.

Eat lots of chicken wings for me!  I hope you enjoy the game.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Welcome Home, Nancy!

Nancy demands attention.

Here she is!  The newest member of our household.  Saturday, Lydie and I went over to the Humane Society to look at cats.  We already had in mind some of our wish list.  We wanted an older cat, female, and short hair.  We got two out of three, but that's okay.  We were also looking for a cat that had been in the shelter a while.  After 90 days, the cat is $25, and after 120 days, $10.  Okay, I'm being cheap, but I'm also thinking about the cat.  I wanted a cat that may have been passed over or difficult to get adopted.

As we were walking through the shelter, there were so many great cats.  I just wanted to bring them all home.  Lydie saw Nancy and was intrigued by her name.  Lydie is a huge Nancy Drew fan.  I don't know, sometimes a name just catches your eye.  The staff had noted on her information that she was very affectionate.  We had a visit with her, and we found this to be true.  The shelter was about to close, so we decided to leave and come back the next day.  That would give us overnight to think about it.  Choosing a pet is a big decision.

We picked Nancy up at about noon today.  We will keep the name of Nancy, because Lydie likes it so much.  We had a bit of a rough start when she got home, because baby Benny was extremely excited and jumping all over the place.  This was a bit much for Nancy, so she hid under my bed for a while.  Every time she tried to come out, he was trying to chase her.  Finally, I had the hubs distract Benny with a movie.  I went in my room and locked the door.  I gave her a chance to come out and find her litter box and food without a toddler in her face.  I worked on my school work.  Well, this cramps Nancy's style.  How dare I not give her my undivided attention?  She decided to plop her body on top of my school book to prove her point.

Nancy has been adjusting to her new home and is now roaming freely.  Benny has also calmed down and started leaving her alone.  Hubs has a watching TV/napping buddy again.  It's very exciting to have an animal in our home again.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


We got a little snow here this morning.  It's nothing near what the East Coast is getting. The drive to work wasn't so bad. Benny's preschool playground was covered in snow, so it was an inside day for them.  I bet those kiddos had some cabin fever.

This day makes me want to eat, sleep, and knit a blanket.  I've been wanting to make one for my sofa that I can use when I'm watching TV.  After doing the extensive Ravelry search, I did find a pattern that I like, but I don't have enough yarn.  Trip to the yarn store soon!

Image_2809_small2Everyone knows my little black pomeranian, Sammy passed away back in October.  We have not had an animal in this house since then. It's very weird. Coming home to a quiet house is a little Twilight Zone to me.  I've shown the hubs various pictures of available adoptable dogs. The hubs isn't very receptive, because he's still heartbroken.  Yes, the big guy is heartbroken over a tiny dog.  He said he just doesn't want another dog right now.  I can understand.  We got Sammy from the Humane Society when we first bought our house, and they were best friends.

Today, he said he wants a cat.  Say What??  That was unexpected.  I agree, I prefer to have a cat. We're not home enough during the day to train a new dog.  We will be looking to adopt a kitty.  As much as I like kittens, it's like having a baby.  I want to get an adult cat that likes to chill out.  Older cats tend to get overlooked at the shelter.  I'm very excited.  Look for some cat pictures soon!